FloridaRambler.com Ad Rate Card

2018 Advertising Rates for FloridaRambler.com

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Our loyal audience is drawn to more than 500 quality articles about outdoor recreation, getaways and things to do in the authentic Florida. These visitors build itineraries and book services around what they read on FloridaRambler.com.

Looking ahead to the 2017-2018 winter season, we are projecting 500,000+ page views per month with more than 1.1 million unique visitors from Nov. 1 until April 30, a 30% increase over last year.*

*Google Analytics

Display Ads Rates


  • Leaderboard, Responsive (Up to 940×90) — $4 per thousand impressions

Sidebar stack (right rail)

  • Top Medium Rectangle, Responsive (300×250) — $4 per thousand impressions
  • Skyscraper (300 x 600) — $4 per thousand impressions
  • Middle Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) — $3.50 per thousand impressions
  • Article-level skyscraper (300×600) — $3.50 per thousand impressions
  • Bottom Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) — $3 per thousand impressions

Note: Discounts are available for contracts of 60 days or longer. Other discounts may be applicable.

Embedded Display ads

We offer two premium placements integrated with our editorial content and marked “sponsor.”

The placement with the highest impact is below the headline and above the first paragraph, the most desirable placement for both desktop and mobile display. Visibility is extremely high. The demand for this placement is high, and availability is limited. The rate is $7 per thousand impressions, and it’s currently booked through Nov. 1, 2017.

The second embedded placement is below the last paragraph. It has less exposure but really shines on mobile devices. The rate is $3 per thousand impressions.

We do not accept payment for “hot links” (or embedded links) within content. Links embedded in content are based on editorial value, not ad revenue. This does not exclude using advertisers’ links if they are relevant to our content.

Your Customers, Targeted

Small businesses can save money by targeting their audience within their local region, such as the Florida Keys, or by activity, such as Kayaking or Hiking. By limiting ad to specific areas of interest to your business, your ad will only appear to those visitors, a targeted audience that saves you money.

Tell us what you want, and we will prepare a custom advertising program just for you with rates and results that will impress, some as low as $25 a month. Use the contact form below for more information.

“Friends of Florida Rambler” Co-Op Advertising by Region

Not to scale

Click here for larger image.

Up to five advertisers per geographic region can share a 300 x 600 Skyscraper that will appear on every article and index page for that region.

An example might be a local Chamber of Commerce or tourism agency with specific clients that wish to advertise with us.

Each advertiser will have a small thumbnail image or logo, a title and a limited text with a link to a web site of the advertisers choosing.

We also offer rotating banners in which multiple advertisers purchase a placement in a specific category, such as the Florida Keys, to display their banners in rotation. We can even weight the banners for advertisers who wish to spend more (or less) than their advertising partners. This is an excellent choice for Chambers of Commerce.

Contact us for more information about this special opportunity, or to ask any other question related to advertising.

These seasonal rates apply to ads appearing on and after November 1 through April 30. They are subject to change, but you can lock in your rate today. Discounts are available for ads that start before Nov. 1.

Contact FloridaRambler for more information

Or call us direct at (954) 871-0262. Leave a message on voice mail if we don’t answer right away. (We spend a lot of time in the woods!)  Your message will be transcribed and sent us via e-mail.