FloridaRambler.com Ad Rate Card

2018 Advertising Rates for FloridaRambler.com

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Our visitors are drawn to more than 500 quality articles about outdoor recreation, getaways and things to do in the authentic Florida. These visitors build itineraries and book services around what they read on FloridaRambler.com.

5 Million Page Views Per Year!

We serve nearly 200,000 pages to 130,000-160,000 visitors a month with a bounce rate lower than 2%., and our Demographics are outstanding!

The advertising rates below are based on impressions per thousand (CPM), derived from the average bidding we receive for those placements by ad networks.

We can target your ad to specific categories, geographic regions, specific articles or run-of-site (ROS), and your CPM will remain the same.

Display Ad Rates

Header/Leaderboard — $3.50 CPM

This ad is a page-wide banner appearing immediately below our main logo. The ad is responsive, adjusting to the device. (Smartphones account for 50% of our visitors.)

Above Content — $4 CPM

This is our best performing placement, appearing on every article below the headline and above text on all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop). We offer this placement as an ROS network backup only, and you are only charged for actual impressions.

Mid-Content — $3 CPM

This ad appears after the 8th paragraph of every article. The placement is available full-run, supplanting network ads, or as a network backup. The CPM is the same.

Below Content — $1 CPM

This ad appears after the last paragraph on every article but before “Related Content” boxes.

Embedded Links: Other than the defined placements above, we do not sell “hot” links within articles, although we do include links for display advertisers. For example, if a dive shop on Key Largo buys a display ad, we may add editorial links in articles about Key Largo, as long as it has editorial value.

Sidebar Ad Stack

These ads are standard placements and offer the best value. On desktops and tablets, they appear in the sidebar at the right of the article. On smartphones, they appear below the article. Same rate full run or backup.

Top Medium Rectangle, Responsive (300×250) (above the fold). No. 1 in the ad stack. $2.50 CPM(full run or backup).

Skyscraper (300 x 600) No. 2 in the stack. $2.50 CPM(full run or backup).

Middle Medium Rectangle (2) (300 x 250) No. 3 & 4 in the stack. $2.00 CPM (full run or backup).

Article-level skyscraper (300×600) No. 5 in the ad stack on article pages only, not the home page or index pages. $2.00 CPM (full run or backup).

Bottom Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) No. 6 in the stack. $1.50 CPM (full run or backup).

Video Ads: We accept video ads for the Sidebar Ad Stack with some limitations. Video ads may auto-start in place but not auto-expand, and we don’t accept any ads with auto-start audio. Opting in is also the rule with audio. However, if a visitor opts into expanding video, we assume they expect audio and are also opting in for audio.

Target Your Customers

Target your audience within region, such as the Florida Keys, or by activity, such as Kayaking. By limiting ads to specific areas of interest, your ad will only appear to visitors interested in your business. Contact us for more information.

Co-Op Advertising by Region

Not to scale

Click here for larger image.

Up to five advertisers per geographic region can share a 300 x 600 Skyscraper that will appear on every article and index page for that region.

An example might be a local Chamber of Commerce or agency with clients that wish to advertise: hotel, restaurant, outfitter, etc.

Each advertiser would have a thumbnail image, a title and limited text with a destination link.

We offer rotating banners to multiple advertisers with the same placement. We weight the banners for advertisers depending on desired exposure.



Minimum order for all placements is $50. Discounts are available for multi-month orders. Display ads are supplied by the advertiser. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.


Contact FloridaRambler for more information

Or call us direct at (954) 871-0262. Leave a message if we don’t answer right away. (We spend a lot of time in the woods!) Your message will be transcribed and sent us via e-mail. We will respond as soon as possible.