Graceful white pelicans over Merritt Island. Photo courtesy John Young

Where to see white pelicans, spectacular birds wintering in Florida

White pelicans migrate to Florida in winter by the thousands. They are the sort of big, dramatic birds that even folks who don’t consider themselves birders will enjoy spotting.

Fort Jefferson and Bush Island (Photo by Ron Yeany)

Getting way away: Dry Tortugas National Park

This isolated cluster of islands 70 miles west of Key West is accessible only by boat or seaplane. But treasures await you, especially if you camp over for a few nights. Yes, you can camp here! Snorkeling and kayaking, too!

Sandhill cranes in flight. Photo by Stephen L. Tabone.

Migrating sandhill cranes in Florida: Quite a sight, sound

I wait all year to enjoy Florida’s winters, and not just for the cooler weather. It’s also the peak time to spot amazing wildlife. One spectacular Florida scene worth seeing and hearing is a flock of migrating sandhill cranes.

See white pelican migration on Florida’s Gulf Coast

See white pelican migration on Florida’s Gulf Coast

A bird with a wingspan of 9 feet is a sight to behold. Now picture hundreds of them, flying in formation, with Gulf Coast beaches and barrier islands as a backdrop. That’s the migration of the White Pelican, which return to Florida every October to November.

Egret in Biscayne Bay

Exploring Biscayne Bay by canoe or kayak

Biscayne Bay is a boater’s paradise, and that includes those with kayaks and canoes. These quiet paddlers can explore bird rookeries. A Barry University professor has captured close-up photos of many birds during her paddles.