Kayak & Canoe

Campsite at Kelly Park/Rock Springs.

Cool Camping Near Orlando: Kelly Park/Rock Spring

Kelly Park is best known for the hugely popular Rock Spring, but it also has one of the best campgrounds anywhere in the state. Summer visits require a bit of planning because of the crowds, especially on weekends.

Spruce Creek watercolor by Stewart Jones

Spruce Creek paddle: A diamond in the rough

Development is creeping up on Spruce Creek and Strickland Bay, but enough has been preserved — for now — to enjoy an awesome day of kayaking. (Watercolor by Stewart Jones)

Fort Jefferson and Bush Island (Photo by Ron Yeany)

Getting way away: Dry Tortugas National Park

This isolated cluster of islands 70 miles west of Key West is accessible only by boat or seaplane. But treasures await you, especially if you camp over for a few nights. Yes, you can camp here! Snorkeling and kayaking, too!

A leisurely paddle through the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club

Boca Raton urban Paddle: Backyards of the 1%

Paddling South Florida’s canals is not always a wonder of nature, so explore the tropical back yards of the rich and famous! A network of public canals allows the “rest of us” to get an eyeful of elegantly manicured properties of Boca Raton’s exclusive Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club.

A sandy point on the northeast end of Munyon Island, reachable only by boat. (Photo: David Blasco)

MacArthur State Park: Kayak trail to Munyon Island for beaches, mangrove tunnels

MacArthur Beach State Park offers one of my favorite kinds of kayak trails – a trip to an island reachable only by boat. To make it better, historic Munyon Island has an interesting story and great scenery.

Video How-To: Loading a kayak on your car

Video How-To: Loading a kayak on your car

This video from LL Bean is a good guide for both novice and intermediate kayakers exploring their options for mounting a roof rack on your car and the proper ways of loading a kayak on your car.

Peace River: Florida canoe trip is an easy adventure

Peace River: Florida canoe trip is an easy adventure

There are prettier rivers and wilder rivers, but the Peace River offers something you can’t find elsewhere: A place to paddle and camp through an undeveloped forest filled with wildlife within an easy drive of 7 million South Florida residents.

Kayak Gasparilla Sound  for dolphins, white pelicans

Kayak Gasparilla Sound for dolphins, white pelicans

Gasparilla Sound is an out of the way aquatic preserve where you’re likely to see dolphins, osprey and white pelicans while mulllets jump like popcorn. It’s a place made to explore by kayak.