Editorial Guidelines for Guest Contributors


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Are you interested in writing for FloridaRambler.com?
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We no longer accept unsolicited guest posts, but we do accept guests posts from experienced writers.

Before writing the first word, take the time to read a few articles on our site to get a feel for our style and themes.

Our content is not fluff, nor is it paid advertising, nor is it intended to promote or “sell” a destination or a business.

Our goal is to publish actionable information for readers. Don’t just tell us what you did, tell us how and include critical information such as parking and directions, costs.

— We welcome authors with a voice who write about personal experiences, painting a picture of those experiences with words.

— Include useful tips and “don’t miss” spots nearby.

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Enjoy the outdoors while you write!
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Story Proposals

We do not accept story proposals and only consider finished manuscripts. All submissions are subject to editing, critical feedback and even rejection.

Whenever possible, we will attempt to contact you about changes we may have made or would like to make during the editing process.

Send your completed articles to floridarambler@gmail.com. Include unedited photos, if you have them, to illustrate your story.


FloridaRambler.com is a premium showcase for your articles, serving 3 million page views per year to 2 million readers. That’s a lot of eyes.

If accepted for publication by FloridaRambler.com, we will promote your article on social media with direct links to your blog. You will get front-page display, a byline and a prominent link to your own web site or blog, as well as full credit.

In selected cases, we may provide modest compensation.

You retain full rights to your work in the event another publication wishes to use your story.