Editorial Guidelines for Contributors

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Are you interested in writing for FloridaRambler.com?
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Thank you for your interest in contributing content to FloridaRambler.com!

If you wish to write for FloridaRambler.com, we recommend that you take the time to read several articles on our site to get a feel for the subjects we write about and how we present those subjects.

We don’t want you to spend a lot of time and energy writing about something in which we have no interest.

Florida Rambler’s content is not fluff, nor is it advertising, nor is it intended to promote or “sell” a destination or a business. Our stories focus on outdoor recreation and the natural Florida, packed with information about the experience and suggestions on how the reader can best enjoy it.

We cannot emphasize enough the focus on outdoor recreation.

We publish articles about kayaking, camping, hiking, recreational bicycling (not racing), birding, beaches and the natural Florida. We also write about historic places, Florida folklore and “Old Florida” destinations.

We do have limited content on festivals, but those articles are focused on community events with broad appeal that have a uniquely Florida flavor, such as seafood festivals, folk festivals and harvest festivals.

We do write about unique eats, such as popular tiki bars, in relation to other destination content. We generally do not write about hotels and resorts, unless they are historic or offer uniquely natural settings. We do write about cabin camping in the woods, scenic and natural RV campgrounds and unique B&Bs.

Each story has focus on a specific outdoor travel destination or activity, not a pot pourri.

You can see a list of our subject categories on any page in the bottom right navigation rail. Generally speaking, if it doesn’t fit into one of those categories, we likely won’t have an interest.

— A Florida Rambler post should make a case for why this place is special and worth visiting, with a clear indication on what kind of experience a visitor can expect;

— The focus should be on actionable information. Don’t just tell us what YOU did, tell us how WE can do it, including critical details, such as where to park or directions for hard-to-find spots;

— We welcome authors with a voice and encourage you to include personal experiences and observations;

— Include useful tips and “don’t miss” spots. We recommend reading reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp to round out your impression of the destination.

— Are there other places nearby you could recommend while in the region, such as campgrounds or kayak trails?

Here’s an example, an article about Venice:


Note that the article is specific to Venice beaches and includes related information on how to enjoy those beaches, including nearby campgrounds. (Again, outdoors stuff.)

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Enjoy the outdoors while you write!
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Here’s an example of a story idea:

Anna Marie Island, but specifically as a recreation destination. We would want to know about outdoor recreation, kayak and hiking trails, beaches, beach access, RV and tent campgrounds or unique lodging. Again, we’re not interested in chain hotels or resorts, but we are interested in historic B&Bs. If there’s a rustic, open-air tiki bar (or two) worth visiting, that’s great. If the area is noted for its seafood, such as nearby Cortez, then we’d include rustic crab shacks (but not steak houses). If the tiki bar or crab house is below par, then don’t bother with it.

Note that the theme I’m using here is the authentic and natural Florida, outdoors recreation, and we love it when you can throw in a couple of paragraphs on the history.

Without a doubt, the best stories we see are based on the writer’s experience.

Story Proposals

You are welcome to send us a completed article based on the above guidelines, but you should be prepared for critical feedback. Even the best writers have editors.

The best suggestion, though, is to send us a story proposal for which you have given some thought. A few paragraphs describing your subject and your approach should be sufficient, although some detail is encouraged. Detail will actually help you formulate the story you intend to write, just like an outline or project plan.

Send your story proposal to [email protected]. Add a photo or two, if you have them, so we can further evaluate your thinking on the story.

Photographs and Videos

We love photographs. They help tell your story. Make sure those photos are relevant. For example, we are not interested in a kayaking photo from the St. John’s River on a story about paddling the Myakka River. The preferred format are jpegs.

As for videos, they do not have to be professionally produced. A simple video such as paddling through the Everglades works, although it will be subject to editing.


Consider FloridaRambler.com is a premium showcase for your portfolio. We serve 3 million page views per year to more than 2 million unique readers. That’s a lot of eyes.

If accepted for publication by FloridaRambler.com, we will promote your article on social media with direct links to your story. You will get front-page play, a byline and a prominent link to your own web site or blog, as well as full credit and full rights to your work, so you can publish the article wherever else you please.

If we are contacted about using your story in a print or online publication, such as a newspaper or magazine, you will retain full compensation from that third-party publisher.