Event Listings Policy

We have a statewide audience and a very small staff, so we are selective on what we publish. We do have limited listings for the following categories of events that are of interest to our readers:
We also have a limited statewide event calendar, which includes major festivals such as SunFest and overlaps with some of our other festival listings. In addition, we are considering adding the following calendar listings:
  • Florida Craft Beer Festival Calendar
  • Florida Harvest Festivals (such as the Florida Strawberry Festival)
  • Florida Folk Festivals
We request that your mailings be limited to these listing categories. In most cases, these are simple one-line listings with event name, date, location and links to the source. If we seek more information, we would appreciate a contact name.
We also request that we not be included in mass mailings for purely local community events, such as GreenMarkets. We simply can’t handle reams of mail and your major events could get lost or ignored.
Please e-mail event information to [email protected]