Uniquely Florida: Holiday Boat Parade Calendar

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Florida Rambler’s Holiday Boat Parade Calendar

Jacksonville Light Parade

The Jacksonville Light Parade has been moved to January 30 for 2016. (Photo by Rob Bixby)

Florida’s waterways come alive at Christmas.

Colorful, illuminated boats cruise canals and rivers lined with homes dressed to the nines with dazzling holiday displays.

On any evening in December, there is a steady parade of boats out for a holiday cruise everywhere you go in Florida.

Kayaks, runabouts, fishing boats and mega-yachts, all decked out with the holiday spirit.

Then comes the party, the convergence of imagination gone wild, the official boat parade when everything comes together.

Almost every Florida community has one. It is, after all, our Rockefeller Center. Our Millenium Park. Florida’s personality coming alive on our canals, lakes and rivers.

About Florida’s holiday boat parades

If you are going to watch a boat parade, be aware that bridges rise for hours at a time to allow boats to pass. If you are heading out to a barrier island, you need a plan.

Waterfront restaurants and parks are great places to view the parade, so make those reservations early unless you are lucky enough to be invited to a house party.

Boat parades start at dusk, from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m., depending on the parade. Figure draw bridges will be closed to traffic for hours, not only for the parade but after the parade to allow parade boats to return.

The boat parade calendar

A quick note on how to use this calendar. The links on titles go to web sites or Facebook pages of parade hosts, where you can find more information.

We think we’ve listed the big ones, but there are more, no doubt. If you know of a parade that’s not on the calendar, please include your information in comments and we’ll add it to the list.

Updated 11/5/2016

Friday, Dec. 2

Saturday, December 3

Sunday, December 4

Friday, December 9

Saturday, December 10

Sunday, December 11

Friday, December 16

Saturday, December 17

Sunday, December 18

Friday, December 30

  • Jacksonville Lighted Boat Parade


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