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7 Great Gift Ideas for Kayakers

This gift list is the result of my own efforts to find kayaking-related gifts for my wife. The result are these 7 great gift ideas for kayakers. I have purchased or already own most of these items. The rest are on my wish list for future purchases.

Click on the title, photo or the link at the end of every listing to learn more about the item, and we recommend that you check reviews on each listing before purchase.

Please don’t tell my wife what she’s getting for Christmas!

— Bob

Kobert Waterproof Cell Phone Dry Pouch (Pro White)

This transparent bag is perfect for capturing those mystical moments with your cellphone camera. Even though many new cell phones are waterproof, you still don’t want to lose your expensive phones in the drink while keeping it accessible for photos. The see-through case is just big enough for any phone up to 6 inches. Hang from your neck on a lanyard or strap it to your arm. $10.89 on Amazon


NKTM Waterproof Fanny Pack for Kayaking

Keep your wallet, cell phone and camera dry while paddling, snorkeling, rafting or swimming with this waterproof waste pouch by NKTM. Smooth, lightweight, flexible, ultra-durable polymer for all-weather protection from water, sand, dirt, dust and snow. Superior triple seal protection ensures your valuables stay safe and dry on land and in water. IPX8 lab tested. Includes pouch and adjustable waste strap. Size 8.7″ x 5.9″. $7.98 on Amazon


Portable LED Red-Green Kayak Running Lights

Night paddles are awesome but potentially dangerous, especially if you are paddling in an area where night fishers prowl your backwater trails in motorboats. You can see them, but can they see you? This navigation light offer your kayak more visibility, and the unit is detachable for day paddles. Attach with grommets or a strap. $59.95 on Amazon.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by ShackJoy

OK.  You might not jump for this one. Like most of you, I love the sounds of nature when paddling backwater trails. But sometimes it might be nice to have soothing rhythms of Enya as you paddle along. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker attaches to a smooth surface on your kayak or paddle board with a suction cup and connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth. When you get back to your campsite, you can hang it anywhere, even in the shower. Personally, I don’t have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, but it’s getting 5-start reviews on Amazon. $31.99 on Amazon


Yakgrips® Comfort Neoprene Kayak Paddle Grips

Do you get blisters when paddling? Trust me, it’s a bummer. We have two pairs of these neoprene grips, which slide onto take-apart paddles. They are comfortable and indispensable on long paddles, easing stress on your hands, even if you are wearing gloves. I like them better than gloves, frankly. Our grips were given to us by a friend who sells kayaks for a living. If that’s not testament to their value, I don’t know what else I can tell you. $11-$15, depending on color, on Amazon.


Malone J-Pro 2 J-Style Universal Kayak Carrier

We just bought a new car, so I sprang for a new set of Yakima roof racks. Instead of going with the Yakima saddles, though, I opted for these Malone J-Pro 2. They are competitively priced, have better support and appear easy for my wife to mount her kayak by herself on the roof. Malone is one of the oldest names in kayak gear. Based on reviews on Amazon, I’m confident these J-racks should exceed my lofty expectations. (Pun intended). $104.99 on Amazon


Florida Keys Paddling Guide

floridakeyspaddlingguideA perennial favorite and popular with Florida Rambler readers. Author Bill Keogh, who lives on Big Pine Key, has paddled the Keys from top to bottom, and he knows all the best spots to launch and the best areas to explore. He describes the wildlife and eco-systems so you understand what’s around you, lists almost 70 launch points and takes you on 47 adventures of special interest, accompanied by nautical chart references, tidal alerts and previews of what you’ll encounter. The bible for the Keys paddler. $17.95 on Amazon


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