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Advertisers with a common cause can share costs

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Co-op ads are an excellent vehicle for multiple advertisers to deliver a shared message to a targeted audience.

For example, multiple businesses in a single destination can pool their resources and costs into a single ad.

Co-op ads can be scheduled to appear only on articles about a single destination, or perhaps articles focused on that geographic region.

Or the ad could appear on every page.

Similar businesses in multiple locations might also find a co-op ad beneficial, such as four bed and breakfasts in separate cities.

As long as there is a logical relationship for a single ad, we’ll help you build an effective co-op ad and serve it to your target audience.

Rates are based on impressions, or active views that appear in readers’ web browsers. See our Rate Card for more information.


  • The number of advertisers sharing a single ad is limited by the overall size of the ad, which can be adjusted by participating advertisers in agreement with the publisher. (We’re easy.)
  • Each participant gets a thumbnail image, bold-faced title, two or three lines of standard text and a destination URL.
  • Changes in ad copy will be accommodated whenever possible (and within reason) at no additional charge.
  • Because the ad is uniquely designed and looks like content, it will likely be seen by more people than conventional ads.
  • Co-op Ads will be positioned in the designated ad stack unless otherwise specified through agreement with the advertiser and the publisher.
  • Multi-month and seasonal discounts are available.

See our Rate Card for more information.



This is how your co-op ad will look…


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Not to scale