Keys Recovery Ads — Free until Jan. 1


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Free advertising for small businesses in the Florida Keys wants to do its share to help small businesses and non-profits in hurricane-impacted areas get back on their feet.

We are offering FREE advertising placements to family-owned and individually-owned small businesses and non-profits in the Florida Keys through Jan. 1, 2018.

No obligation. No contracts. No money needed. No credit card needed. (See terms at the bottom of the page.)

Corporate businesses, such as hotel chains, will be offered discounted rates through Jan. 1, 2018.

Available ad formats

Advertisements will be placed in the ad stack in the right column, distinguishable from our editorial content, under the heading #keysrecovery.

  • Medium Banners — 300 x 250 pixels. Advertiser supplies a pre-sized display ad with a link to the business’ web destination. Appears in ad stack under #keysrecovery. (Free)
  • Text Banner — 300 x 100 pixels. 2-3 lines of text. Advertiser provides text and a link, phone number or e-mail for responses. Appears in ad stack under #keysrecovery. (Free)

We will also highlight text on the Florida Rambler Mile-Marker Guide related to your business with a note on your listing. If your business is not already in the guide, we will add it at no cost.

Ad rotation and placement

Your advertisement will be randomly displayed in rotation with other free ads on all 70+ feature articles about the Florida Keys. The ads will also appear in other regions with available ad space.

Submit your ad — Just fill in the boxes

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We understand that internet access is not available in all areas of the Keys. If you have any questions or need us to take your ad by phone, call (954) 871-0262.


No contracts required. No money changes hands. Florida Rambler Media will absorb administrative costs as our part to help your business recover.

  • Advertiser supplies the ad content. We will help wherever possible.
  • Advertiser must be located in areas impacted by Hurricane Irma with emphasis on the Lower Keys.
  • Ads begin immediately and will run through Jan. 1, 2018 at no cost to you. There is no obligation to continue your ad beyond that date.
  • Advertisers qualifying for this offer must be small businesses (mom and pops, individually owned) or non-profits.
  • Free ads will be accepted at the discretion of Florida Rambler Media, publishers of Under no circumstances will ads be accepted that are distasteful, fraudulent or misleading.
  • No obligation to continue your ad beyond the expiration of your free ad. Should you choose to renew your ad after Jan. 1, discounted rates will apply through the first half of 2018.
  • Your ad will appear in rotation with other free ads on all articles about the Florida Keys, including our popular Mile-Marker Guide.
  • Appearance of your ad within the rotation is random and frequency is not guaranteed, but we will attempt to surface every ad on every page for every visitor to this web site.