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When I’m rambling around Florida, I often try to capture photos of the wonderful wildlife I encounter. Alligators are big and usually hold still, but most other creatures are a challenge, and I end up disappointed with my results.

That’s why I am especially appreciative of the many nature photographers who share their work via blogs and websites.

Visiting these sites is a good way to explore Florida’s natural beauty without breaking a sweat. has featured the work of several of these photographers.


Sandbar off Jewel Key (Photo by Angie Chestnut)
Sandbar off Jewel Key (Photo by Angie Chestnut)

Angie Chestnut shoots both color and black-and-white pictures, often while out fly fishing. (She has held nine Saltwater IGFA World Records.)  If you start looking at a slide show of her photos, you’ll take a tour of some of Florida’s most spectacular spots.





Florida kayaking: Cormorants nesting in Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida
Cormorants in Biscayne Bay. Photo by Constance Meir


Our kayaking section has links to several of our favorite kayaking blogs, including one called Florida Photography from a Canoe. It’s the work of Constance Mier, who frequently paddles into Biscayne Bay to capture the bird life there. She’s an associate professor in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Barry University. She posts frequent photos of her travels to Florida’s wild spots.








Gatorland rookery tri-colored heron
Tri-colored heron at Gatorland rookery. Photo by Dina City Wildlife Adventures

Dina of Dina’s City Wildlife Adventures introduced us to a great birding destination near Lakeland: Circle B Bar Reserve. Dina, who lives in Tampa, describes herself this way: “Corporate job during the week. Hiking and kayaking on weekends.” I particularly liked her recent shoot at the Gatorland bird rookery, where she captured images of birds in brilliant and bizarre mating colors and feathers — nature’s fashion show, as she put it.






Clyde Butcher photo of Fisheating Creek
Clyde Butcher photo of Fisheating Creek

Of course, in a class of his own is Clyde Butcher, the well-known large-format black-and-white photographer, of whom I am a huge fan.  I am proud to own an original print of his Loxahatchee River #1 and have heard Butcher give a tour of his Big Cypress darkroom. His photos are exhibited frequently around the state. You can see many of them here but you really have to see these full size, printed in life-size scale.

Here are events and exhibits featuring Butcher and his photos.



Here are links to these blogs and sites.

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