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Of 3 million-plus pages we served to readers in 2019, these were the 10 most popular articles on

No. 10 — Best Florida Keys Beaches

Beaches in the Florida Keys are few and far between, and that’s because the chain of reefs that protect these coral-rock islands block sand and surf from rolling ashore. But when people come to Florida, they expect to frolic in sand, so some resorts truck in their own sand and create beaches. There are a few natural beaches, some admittedly sparse,  accessible to the general public.

Our favorite beaches in the Florida Keys

No. 9 — Ultimate Scenic Drive: Volusia County’s beaches

There is no shortage of beaches on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, and you are permitted to drive on some, including Daytona Beach, where the tradition began in the 1930s and ’40s with race cars. When the race cars moved inland to Daytona Beach’s International Speedway, the driving tradition survived. Unlike yesteryear, today there is a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

Ultimate Road Trip: Driving on Florida’s coastal beaches

No. 8 — Our favorite kayak trails in Florida

Florida is blessed with hundreds of scenic waterways that allow you to peek into our past, explore the “Old Florida”, observe wildlife or just chill. Our 8th most popular story of the year connects you to dozens of our favorite paddle trails throughout the state. 

Our favorite canoe and kayak trails: Best kayaking spots in Florida

No. 7 — Key West Chickens

Chickens and roosters are everywhere in Key West, and you may even find them competing for a seat at the bar at Sloppy Joe’s. So what’s the story behind these free-ranging feral fowl? You gotta love ’em — or not. “They crow at all hours,” explained Debbie Britten, a volunteer at the Key West Wildlife Center. “They’re like some of the people down here – they don’t know when to quit.”

Key West chickens: Noisy, colorful, just like Key West

No. 6 — Things to do in Ocala National Forest 

Ocala National Forest ls Florida’s second largest nationally protected forest, covering 607 square miles of Central Florida north of Orlando. Go camping, hiking, bicycling, kayaking or canoe or just drive around on hundreds of miles of forest roads. Our 6th most popular story will point you in the right direction.

6 Things to Do in Ocala National Forest

No. 5 — Florida Strawberry Festival

The Florida Strawberry Festival comes but once a year, but this ever-popular March event in Plant City has a year-around following as visitors schedule vacations around it. While it’s not Florida’s official State Fair (that one is held in in February), the Strawberry Festival celebrates Florida’s strawberry harvest with flair — from strawberry pizza and make-your-own shortcake to a cavalcade of stars that headline the Wish Farms concert stage. You’ll have a berry good time!

Florida Strawberry Festival set for Feb 27-March 8

No. 4 — Key West on the Cheap 

After Disney World, the most popular destination in Florida is Key West, the nation’s southernmost city. But it ain’t easy to get there, and it ain’t cheap! But we’ve got a few hot tips for you to hold onto your wallet.

On a budget? Key West on the cheap isn’t easy, but here are tips

No. 3 — Florida Keys Overseas Highway Mile Marker Guide

Getting to Key West is a trip, a scenic one at that. The 120-mile Overseas Highway is one of the most scenic in the country through the Florida Keys. Our third most popular story is a comprehensive guide to the Overseas Highway: things to do and what to find along this narrow road that ties all of the islands together. It’s been bookmarked in favorites, it’s been copied and printed by visitor centers in the Keys, and we get calls and emails by destinations wishing to be included. Enjoy!

Florida Keys Overseas Highway Mile-Marker Guide

No. 2 — Seafood Festival Roundup

Florida is ranked among the top 12 states for fresh seafood production with more than 93 million pounds harvested annually, contributing an estimated $24 billion to the U.S. economy each year. Nothing says Florida like a good, old-fashioned seafood festival serving the local catch. Our calendar is the most comprehensive and up-to-date roundup of seafood festivals that you’ll find on the internet.

2020 Seafood Festivals in Florida

No. 1 — Top 75 Florida Events and Festivals Calendar

With nearly 100 million visitors a year, Florida is the top travel destination in the world. Tourists and snowbirds come for our beaches, they come to Disney World, they come here to fish and they come here to party — and we sure do like to party!  Our calendar of the state’s Top 75 Events and Festivals is our most popular story, second to none. Updated monthly up to a year in advance. 

Top 75 Florida events, fairs & festivals


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