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Florida Rambler’s 10 most popular articles for 2020

Sure it’s been a rough year, but Florida Rambler’s library of socially distant outdoor getaways was a refuge for many, resulting in more readers than any year in our 10-year history.

Readers viewed more than 2.4 million pages on during the past year. They found stories about camping, kayaking, hiking, bicycling, parks and forests, and outdoor things to do across our fair state.

Of the 500+ informative outdoor recreation articles on, these were our most popular articles in 2020.

No. 1 Cabin rentals in state parks

Our guide to cabin rentals in Florida’s award-winning state parks nailed the top spot for most popular articles. Bonnie Gross, our co-founder, has made it her mission to stay in state park cabins, enjoying their access to hiking, kayaking, wildlife and the seclusion they provide.

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No. 2 Florida fairs and festivals calendar

Our readers love our calendars for Florida’s fairs and festivals, but this year was received extra attention as pandemic cancellations helped drive this calendar for the state’s top events to No. 2. Stay tuned in 2021.

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No. 3 Best little beach towns

Who doesn’t love an Old Florida beach town? These getaways to the “real” Florida we remember from decades ago proved extremely popular during our endless summer of 2020.

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No. 4 Secluded beaches

There’s something magical about finding a secluded beach, especially in a pandemic, so we took you to our favorite hidden beaches during 2020, and thousands of you came along for the ride.

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No. 5 Cedar Key

There’s a little fishing village in Big Bend country that is truly off the beaten path, 50 miles from the nearest city, retaining its historic charm. You really have to want to go there, and thousands of you followed our trail.

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No. 6 Letter from the Keys

Some stories rock, we call them “readers”, and this story about quarantine in the Florida Keys by travel writer Karuna Eberl holds the single-day record for readership on Florida Rambler, clocking in at No. 6 overall for the year.

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No. 7 Key West on a budget

Key West has changed over the years, getting pricier by the day, but we found ways for you to experience the old Key West and not break the bank. These hot tips drew a lot of attention in 2020.

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No. 8 Best snorkeling from shore

Snorkeling on Florida’s colorful coral reefs is popular sport, but you don’t need a boat to explore our underwater world. Dive into these snorkel-from-shore beaches for some natural social distancing.

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No. 9 Off the beaten path

Florida is not just one big, long beach. The Sunshine State has so much more to offer, so we put together destinations that should be on your bucket list of lesser-known getaways with a wide range of outdoor-recreation opportunities nearby.

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No. 10 (tie): The Overseas Highway

We started building this guide to the Florida Keys more than 10 years ago, and it’s been one of our Top 10 stories since the beginning. Allow us to accompany you on your next drive on the scenic Overseas Highway to help you identify hidden beaches, favorite restaurants, campgrounds, kayak trails and historic points of interest.

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No. 10 (tie): Best Florida state parks

Co-founders Bonnie Gross and Bob Rountree have individually visited most of Florida’s 175 state parks, trails and historic sites with their families and friends. This story about their favorites was a big hit with our readers.

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