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Cinnamon rolls at Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead: 80 cents each and irresistible.
Cinnamon rolls at Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead: Irresistible. (Photo: Bonnie Gross)

Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls draw lines every winter

Knaus Berry Farm is how folks in the southern tip of Florida know cool weather has finally arrived. And in April, the end of the Knaus Berry season means the glorious winter is over.

From late October to mid-April, the line forms for the best fresh cinnamon buns and pecan rolls in Florida – some say the world.

Knaus Berry Farm sign

The Knaus family has operated a farm and bakery in the rural Redland area south of Miami for 50 years. The roadside store is only open in winter. (I love the message on their web site: “Lord willing, Knaus Berry Farm is open every November to mid-April.”)

Knaus Berry is the sort of place you don’t expect to find in Florida: Thoroughly Old World and traditional.

Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead: The wait was one hour and 15 minutes for this Saturday afternoon line.
Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead: The wait was one hour and 15 minutes for this Saturday afternoon line. (Photo: Bonnie Gross)

The folks who run the farm look Amish, with bonnets, long beards and plain cotton clothes. They’re not Amish, they’re members of the German-origin Church of the Brethren, often called Dunkers because they believe in full-immersion baptism.

The religion practiced by those visiting Knaus Berry, however, could better be described as the Cult of the Cinnamon Roll. (Evidence: A YouTube vido called Mission Cinnamon Roll.) From the day it opens, Knaus Berry draws long lines. Don’t be discouraged: They move fast. (If the line goes out to the road and starts to parallel the road, that’s about an hour wait.)

Inside the bakery at Knaus Berry Farm: If you peer through those windows, you see staff at work making those famous rolls.
Inside the bakery at Knaus Berry Farm: If you peer through those windows, you see staff making those famous rolls. (Photo: Bonnie Gross)

While the cinnamon rolls ($1.50 cents each) are famous, other products have avid fans. The pecan rolls ($16 for 10) are heavenly. Many swear by the herb rolls ($5.80 a dozen). There’s guava pie ($11.50) for a tropical treat. Another whole fan base goes for ice creams and milkshakes.You can special order authentic shoo-fly pie ($11.50) or try a variety of cakes and cheesecakes.

U-pick strawberries and vegetables

In the right season, Knaus Berry Farm is one of the few u-pick strawberry farms left in South Florida. It also offers u-pick tomatoes, and variety of other locally grown vegetables. (The season depends on the weather — strawberry-picking season usually started in late December and are picked through early April. Check the Knaus Facebook page for updates.)

Visiting Knaus Berry Farm

Address: 15980 SW 248th St, Homestead, FL 33031
  • There are nearly  740+ reviews on Yelp and the only thing folks disagree about is whether Knaus Berry is a four or five stars.
  • Warning: Knaus Berry is closed on Sundays, so Saturdays are always very busy.
  • Knaus Berry Farm is closed for six months of the year. The 2020 season opens Tuesday, Oct. 27.
  • Knaus Berry Farm site with menu and price list.
  • Address and directions: 15980 Southwest 248th St., Homestead. 305-247-0668. Visiting Knaus Berry Farm from Florida’s Turnpike:  Take exit 12 for Caribbean Boulevard toward Southwest 200 Street. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-1. Turn right onto Caribbean Boulevard. Almost immediately turn left onto US-1 South/South Dixie Highway. Travel 4 miles. Turn right onto Southwest 248th Street/Coconut Palm Drive. Go west 6.3 miles to 80 Southwest 248th Street, Homestead.

Make a day of it exploring the Redland

The Redland is an agriculture enclave between Miami and Everglades National Park. It is a whole other world than the urban South Florida only minutes away.

Here’s our guide to exploring the Redland.

The hard part: Deciding where to have your milk shake, because there are several great places that specialize in high quality fresh fruit milkshakes.  Knaus Barry Farm, of course, is famous for its strawberry shakes.  A local competitor is Robert Is Here fruit stand and petting zoo. (One way to decide: If it’s a Sunday, there’s no stopping at Knaus Berry Farm but the others are open.)

Other great stops in the Redland area:




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