About Us

FloridaRambler.com is published by Florida Rambler Media Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to serve an unmet need for reliable information about things to do outdoors in the real Florida, the authentic Florida, the outdoor paradise that offers a huge variety of recreational opportunities.

You just have to find them, and we’re here to help.

Florida Rambler is your getaway guide to the authentic Florida, featuring best beaches, hiking, biking, canoe and kayak, RV, cabin and tent camping, unique lodgins, tiki bars and crab shacks, as well as exploring back roads, small towns and the hidden Florida.

Florida Rambler Media was founded in 2010 by two veteran online journalists, Bob Rountree and Bonnie Gross.

bob rountree florida rambler
Bob Rountree

Bob Rountree is a veteran journalist and travel writer. A former editor of SunSentinel.com, Bob and his wife Kathy are explorers and outdoors enthusiasts, RV and tent campers, boaters, kayakers, sailors and fishers. They have explored much of the state from their bases in Fort Lauderdale and New Smyrna Beach. Back roads and hidden harbors are his specialty — Bob is never without a boat, whether it’s a kayak, a Hobie Cat or his center-console open fisherman. His work has been published in The Guardian UK, the Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and other publications.

Bonnie Gross and David Blasco
Bonnie and David at Dry Tortugas National Park

Bonnie Gross is a travel writer and adjunct professor of journalism at Florida Atlantic University and former executive producer of Sun-Sentinel.com. She held a variety of positions a the Sun-Sentinel, from reporter and city editor to charities manager. She joined the Sun-Sentinel online staff as one of its original members in 1995 and was instrumental in establishing Sun-Sentinel.com as the most popular newspaper sites in Florida. Bonnie and her husband David Blasco are avid hikers, bikers, history lovers and explorers. Like Bob, Bonnie has traveled much of the state, especially enjoying discovering destinations that tell Florida’s history.

In addition to producing content for FloridaRambler.com, Bob and Bonnie write original, keyword optimized feature articles for newspapers, magazines, travel agencies and other web sites. For more information, use the contact form below.