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Things to do in Southeast Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Stuart and getaways to outdoor recreation, hiking, biking, trails, canoeing, kayaking, places to camp, places to stay, unique restaurants, road trips, historic places and Funky Florida.

One of the best places to see wood storks and other wading birds nesting up close in spring is Wakodahatchee Preserve in Delray Beach. In February to April, dozens of storks build nests close to an easy-to-walk .75 mile boardwalk.

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Like all beaches, John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is popular when it’s hot, but it is also a great winter destination because it offers scenic kayaking and rentals. We like kayaking to Munyon Island, a wild mangrove island that 120 years ago was the site of a health resort serving an elixer that “restored vitality.”

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Cap’s Place is Broward’s oldest restaurant, where rum-runners and gamblers reigned, and presidents and celebrities visited. It’s a rustic old wooden shack now surrounded by mansions and yachts. History and atmosphere make it worth a visit.

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The Elliott Museum has an extensive collection of antique cars, but the museum also has everything from wedding dresses to baseball cards. On Saturday, Nov. 18, it will host a free event to celebrate the opening of its modern ebikes exhibit. Visitors can test-ride ebikes and get free admission.

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