The prototype Flamingo eco-tent
The prototype Flamingo eco-tent

Everglades National Park will get new eco-tents at the Flamingo district by the 2019 winter season.

The National Park Service signed a contract with Guest Services to construct 24 cottages and 20 eco-tents by December 2019, and authorized a total of 40 cottages and 40 eco-tents.

Everglades National Park offered  motel rooms and cabins at Flamingo until the two hurricanes of 2005, Katrina and Wilma, damaged them beyond repair.

Flamingo needs lodging options for guests because it’s 40 miles into the park and visitors on a day trip barely have time to explore this remote location if they make other stops first.

A long-term plan for Flamingo has been under development for several years.

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[Updated August 2018]