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Display Advertising Placements


Header/Leaderboard (Up to 728 x 90) — Top of page, just below logo



Top Banner (Up to 300 x 250) — Top right in sidebar ad stack.





Top Skyscraper (Up to 300 x 600) — No. 2 in ad stack.





Mid Banners (300 x 250) — No. 3 & 4 in ad stacks.






Your ad

Advertising rates are determined by ad format, page position, placement and active views or impressions.

Our most common format is display advertising. We also accept text ads and co-op ads.

A text ad has a title or headline, a few lines of text for description and possibly a thumbnail image. This is the least expensive ad and the easiest to design for advertisers without outside marketing resources.

Co-op ads allow multiple advertisers with a common target audience to pool their message and share ad space. For example, a restaurant, motel, kayak rental concession and campground in a single destination can pool their resources into a single ad at the same rate a single advertiser would pay. For more details, see our page on Co-Op Advertising.

In any case, we help you customize your ad content and placement to fit your budget.

In addition to display ads, we also offer placements in our Hello Bar, a colorful text ad with an actin button stripped across the top of the page.

All ad placements are available for both full run on every page (ROS), or you can target readers by article, by subject or by geographic region.

We make every attempt to ensure the quality of our advertising. Ads intending to defraud, mislead or interfere with the reader experience are not accepted.

Our basic ad rates can be found on our Advertising Rate Card.


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