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Florida Rambler offers advertisers an opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of readers who pursue outdoor getaways in the authentic and natural Florida.

Our targeting capabilities allow you to reach a specific audience of your choosing, and we have a range of ad placements to fit your budget.

Advertising Placements

These placements are available to advertisers. Some placements may already be under contract; others may have limited availability.





Leaderboard (Up to 728 x 90) — Top of page, below the logo



Top Banner (Up to 300 x 250) — Top of the right sidebar ad stack.





Top Skyscraper (Up to 300 x 600) — No. 2 ad in ad stack, just below the Top Banner.







Mid Banners (300 x 250) — Right rail, below the Top Skyscraper







Your ad

The cost of advertising with is based on the placement and visibility you are seeking, whether it’s limited to articles in a single category, multiple categories or run of site (all articles on all pages.)

Our content is categorized by state regions — such as “Central Florida” — or by activity — such as “Camping.”  Two complete navigation menus of categories are published on every page, including this one.

For most advertisers, an effective campaign would be a 300×250 Mid-Banner targeting a specific category. The ad would link to your destination page, whether it’s your home page, a sign-up page or a comment page. You would own the placement in that category, and we would also rotate the ad in select other categories. If the number of impressions do not meet our expectations, we boost visibility with a “Hello Bar,” which greets every visitor to our site in rotation with other ads.

The ad I just described would cost $100 per month for a minimum of three months.

We have many other options available, including low-cost text ads, which can be very effective. serves approximately 500,000 pages per month, a metric that varies by the season. (Our peak so far in 2017 was 642,000 page views in February, followed by 630,000 in March.)

Each page view is an impression, and if the number of impressions for your ad doesn’t meet our expectations, we expand the visibility of your ad until it does.

Ad Guidelines is user-friendly, and our ads are high quality. The highest quality.

We do not accept ads of questionable taste, nor do we allow ads to “trick” our readers or interfere with their experience when visiting our site. We have no “hidden” links, unwelcome pop-ups, or surreptitious placements intended to fool our visitors.

In other words, your ad will be in good company with only the finest advertisers and our original, independent and unbiased content.

We are journalists first, and we take a lot of pride in our work.

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