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Advertising Placements

These placements are available to advertisers.





Leaderboard (Up to 728 x 90) — Top of page, below the logo



Top Banner (Up to 300 x 250) — Top of the right sidebar ad stack.





Top Skyscraper (Up to 300 x 600) — No. 2 ad in ad stack, just below the Top Banner.







Mid Banners (300 x 250) — Right rail, below the Top Skyscraper









Your ad

The cost of advertising with is based on placement and traffic. We can customize your placement to fit your budget, and we guarantee a minimum number of impressions.

Ad placements link to your destination, usually a web page hosted by you.

In addition to display ads, we also offer placements in our “Hello Bar,” a multi-color text ad that strips across the top of every page, above our logo.

Ad placements are available for both full run (on every page) or you can target specific readers (location or subject).

You may want to try a low-cost text ad, which can target individual articles. These ads start at $25 per month.

Ad Guidelines

We do not accept ads of questionable taste. Ads intending to defraud, mislead or interfere with the reader experience are not accepted.

We attempt to establish a friendly and trustworthy alliance with both readers and advertisers.

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