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We cover the entire state with stories about the best beaches, best camping, best kayaking, best biking and best hiking, as well as features on major festivals and authentic Florida events.

campsite at Juniper Springs, Ocala National Forest
Campsite at Juniper Springs

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Our advertising is managed by the Mediavine Travel. The minimum ad buy is $100, and placement is based on cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) at current market rates. Advertisers are shown CPM estimates before payment. All ads are subject to review for quality and content.

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Courtesy Links

Curry Hammock kayaks for rent Advertise with Florida Rambler
Kayak concession at Curry Hammock State Park in the Florida Keys.

We often include courtesy links to local businesses, such as kayak outfitters, relevant to our content for the convenience of readers. These links are chosen for editorial value. We do not sell links.

Writers and photographers who contribute editorial content may receive courtesy links to their blogs, web sites and portfolios. 

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We do not sell links, nor do we publish paid links. We may include affiliate links for advertisers with whom we have an established relationship.

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Sponsored articles are articles intended to market products or services. We do not accept or publish sponsored posts.

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We do not accept offensive or misleading content or advertising under any circumstance.

We block ads for “get rich quick schemes,” adult content and ads we determine to be offensive. We also ads that are offensive, false or misleading, political and otherwise. 

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