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Header Bar

Hello Bar — Text bar fades in at top of page with links to your home page, another page of your choice, or a click-through telephone number. Rate is $3 per thousand impressions plus 5 cents per click.

Sidebar Ad Stack

Medium Rectangle — (300 x 250 pixels Display or Text Ad) — Placement in the middle of the sidebar ad stack. Rate is $1.50 per thousand impressions plus 5 cents per click. We monitor from this side, and you can also track clicks on your end. This is an industry standard size that you will see on most web sites.

Small Text Ad — (300 x 70) — Colorful and Highly Visible text ad that will float between display ads in the Sidebar Ad Stack. Rate is 75 cents per thousand impressions plus 5 cents per click.

Content Placements

Above Content. Display/text ad, 620 pixels by 90 pixels. Our No. 1 ad placement. Rate is $3 per thousand impressions plus 5 cents per click.

Below Content. Responsive display/text, 620 x 90 pixels. $1 per thousand impressions plus 5 cents per click.

We do not accept links embedded in content unless there’s a specific editorial use and are useful to readers of that article. (See policy below.)

The Basics

Our minimum order is $30, payable in advance. We will provide running reports of results so you can keep track of the status, and you will be alerted when your advance is about to run out.

You can choose to run your ad on every article, on selected articles of your choice, or selected categories, such as the Southeast Region or articles about Camping.

Send an email to, and we’ll respond as soon as possible to help you set up your advertising program.

We promise to over-deliver.

Link Policy

Links within an article are included for the convenience of our readers. If it’s useful to the reader, we often link to other web sites or businesses integral to that article.

We do not sell those links. They are included free based on value to the content of that article.

With some links, we may earn a commission, such as a hotel reservation or campground booking. In those cases, the links are identified and disclosed.

Under no circumstances do we accept paid links that are hidden in text or disguised as something other than what they are.

Our ads reflect our high standards

Your ad will be in good company. We do not accept advertising for “get rich quick schemes” or ads that are offensive or misleading.


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