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Our readers support us by patronizing our advertisers, and we have a lot of readers…

1.6 million readers viewed more than 5 million pages in 2017*

Those readers liked what they see: The average visitor to read 2.8 pages on each visit.

Our bounce rate is less than 6%, proof our readers are finding well-written and well-researched articles about outdoors recreation and things to do in the authentic Florida.

If you would like to know more about our readership, please ask.

Our ad rates start at $25 a month. Minimum order is $50. Discounts are available for extended commitments. Rates based on size and placement. Analytics will be provided to the customer.

*Google Analytics

Advertising Placements

We offer multiple opportunities for you to send your message to our readers:


Hello Bar — Text bar across top of page; links to your destination page. Available in rotation with other ads. Highest click-thru rate.

Leaderboard — Top of page, above the main menu and below our logo. (728×90 Responsive). One of our top placements. Currently under contract. Accepting bids.

Sidebar Ad Stack

Top Banner — Top right in sidebar ad stack. (300 x 250 or 300 x 600). Premium placement available ROS, by category or in rotation with other ads. Above the fold with Highest Active View in the sidebar ad stack. Seen by every visitor. Currently filled but future availability for bids. (Top ad at right)

Skyscraper — (300 x 600) — Price depends on placement in Ad Stack. Available ROS, by category or in rotation with other ads. Placements available On The Fold or mid-stack, below the fold. This placement is attractive because it is viewable by readers who are spending time on our pages.

Note: Our ad stack is disrupted by featured content with widgets that display calendars and links to most popular content.

Medium Banner — (300 x 250) — Price depends on placement in Ad Stack. Available ROS, by category or in rotation with other ads. Placements available On The Fold or mid-stack, below the fold. This placement is attractive because it is viewable by readers who are spending time on our pages. Bottom placement tends to be more actively viewable.

Creative Text — (Size varies) — Colorful and Highly Visible placements that break up display ads in the Sidebar Ad Stack.

Don’t be confused by all the options. We’ll help you choose what’s best for your business.

In Content 

We have four premium placements that appear within articles. The ad below is an example of Middle Content:

Above Content. Responsive display/text ad. Our No. 1 ad placement is under contract for the foreseeable future. An example of this ad is near the top of the page, just below the headline.

Middle Content. Responsive display/text ad. Appears after the 12th paragraph (See above). Button grids available.

Content Repeater. 300 x 250 fixed display. Appears after the 24th paragraph and 24th paragraph intervals thereafter (optional) until the end of the article, list or calendar. (Similar to above) Button grids available.

Bottom of Content. Responsive display/text, button grids available.

Sorry, we do not sell links within content. Contextual links to external destinations are selected for editorial value and are not for sale. We may, however, link to advertisers who have purchased ads elsewhere, but only if those links support the content and are editorially sound.


Grids of four 125×125 buttons, horizontally displayed within content. Economical. Eye-catching! Can target by destination and purchase by frequency of appearance. Effective low-cost advertising for small businesses.

Can also be placed:

Between Post Descriptions on Category Pages

Between Post Descriptions on Front Page

How much does charge for advertising?

Rates are based on placement and impressions as reflected by the most recent bids we already receive for specific placements. Rates may be slightly higher “in season” (December to April), although discounts are offered for multi-month contracts.

Our minimum order is $50, and our minimum ad placement is $25 per month. Discounts are available for long-term commitments.

In addition to full-run ads (ROS) and partial run, we can target ads to specific articles or categories of articles, depending on your needs. Generally speaking, the more specific the target, the higher the rate per impression (or active view).

Guaranteed performance. If your target audience doesn’t live up to expectations, we will expand or improve the visibility of your ad or supplement placements in rotation on our high-visibility Hello Bar.

Send an email to, or call 954-871-0262, and we’ll respond as soon as possible to help you design an advertising program that will best fit you needs.

How it works

Our most common format is display advertising. For best results, we ask that advertisers supply creatives to the required size specifications. You must also provide a destination link, whether it’s your home page or a special page you’ve created for ad referrals.

We can design effective text ads, but we still would need a destination link.

Co-op ads are also welcome, allowing multiple advertisers with a common target audience to pool their message and share ad space. For example, restaurants, motels or resorts, kayak concession and/or campgrounds for a single destination can pool their resources into a single ad to reduce costs.

We will help you customize your ad with a placement to fit your budget.

All ad placements are available for both full run on every page (ROS), or you can target readers by article, by subject or by geographic region.

Your ad will be in good company. We will never allow ads that are offensive, misleading or in poor taste.


For more information, use the contact form below: