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Protect yourself and others

Last updated on May 4th, 2021 at 03:17 pm

Photo by Carl Seibert

Conflicting advice?

Remember that science is not “facts,” science is learning. As scientists learn more about the coronavirus, the better they are able to adjust guidance, and they are learning something new every day. They’ll learn even more tomorrow, and guidance will improve even more.

Until they get it down pat and give the “all-clear” signal, we should all…

  • Wear a mask in public to protect yourself and others 
  • Maintain social distancing to reduce exposure to the virus
  • Wash your hands often to protect yourself and your family
  • Get vaccinated as soon as we can

Campground Safety

  • Use the bathroom in your camper, if you have one
  • Keep six feet between you and other campers
  • Avoid areas that don’t offer safe distancing
  • Respect others’ ability to social distance
  • Avoid hugs, handshakes and large gatherings
  • Limit groups to 10 or fewer
  • Dispose of trash in dumpsters
  • Avoid using campground laundry facilities
  • Do not touch other campers’ laundry
  • Restroom closures will be more frequent than usual
  • Use shower facilities another time if they are busy
  • Wait outside occupied facilities and stand six feet apart while waiting
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
  • Return home if you exhibit symptoms.

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Lend a hand. People are still going hungry

From the Editor:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.