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Riverbend Park in Jupiter: Trails ideal for family biking, kayaking

Last updated on August 27th, 2021 at 03:30 pm

Riverbend Park has outstanding kayaking on the Loxahatchee and scenic bike trails

Quaint bridges, cypress-lined ponds, shady pine forests, magnificent old live oak trees, a historic battlefield, flocks of wild turkeys: They’re all part of the lovely landscape that makes Riverbend Park in Jupiter a delightful place to explore.

The Palm Beach County park is particularly fine for a family bicycling outing.

It’s also the starting point for the outstanding canoe or kayak trip down the Loxahatchee.

Trail in Riverbend Park, Jupiter, Florida
Trails in Riverbend Park, Jupiter, wind along marsh. (Photos: Bonnie Gross)

We have visited Riverbend Park several times  — sometime with our canoe, sometimes with our bicycles. The best paddling option is covered in this post about kayaking the Loxahatchee. That paddle down the Loxahatchee hasn’t changed in decades, which is good, because it is just about perfect.

What’s new at Riverbend Park, Jupiter, though, is the extensive trail system. The entire 680 acres of Riverbend Park is criss-crossed with hard-packed shell trails designed to be shared by hikers and bicyclists. (While not paved, the trail surface was fine for our skinny-tire bikes.)

The trails are so entwined, in fact, that it drove us a little batty trying to follow where we were on the detailed park trail map. Our advice: Give up and just enjoy the scenery. You can’t get lost and the worst that can happen is you’ll cover the same trail multiple times.

The longest stretch for a cyclist who just wants to pedal through the woods is the 1.5 mile section of the Ocean to Lake portion of the Florida Trail that runs through Riverbend Park. I’d recommend taking that first and then meandering along the other trails. With 10 miles of trails, we managed to spend a nice afternoon doing that.

Riverbend Park’s trails are all scenic, with many passing through shady woods and all of them providing vistas across marshes, ponds and rivers. We saw many families bicycling, and the short loops and wildlife seemed ideal for kids.

Pack a picnic and enjoy the chickee hut shelters scattered throughout the park. Ours came with a resident peacock, one of several we spotted on the grounds. Native birds were plentiful, too, including a flock of two dozen turkeys.

Historic like oak trees at Riverbend Park, Jupiter
Historic live oaks were the high ground taken by the Seminoles in the battle that occurred in what is now Riverbend Park, Jupiter, according to preservationists. (Photo: Bonnie Gross)

The turkeys were encountered as we walked the less-developed northwest corner of Riverbend Park, where the historic live oaks once witnessed the Battles of the Loxahatchee, skirmishes between the Seminole and the U.S. Military in 1838. The park has set aside a future battle re-enactment area and there is an active preservation society involved in developing this area.

I should note that Riverbend Park does offer paddle and canoe trails within its own series of ponds and rivers. You have to portage your canoe from the Loxahatchee River into this system. Our visit, however, was during a period of low water and these trails were narrow, shallow and overgrown with aquatic plants.

We loved Riverbend Park and it is perfect for many uses, but be warned that its level of development — all those nice trails — means you never feel like you’re in a very wild place.

Jupiter Outdoor Center, the concessionaire that rents boats for the Loxahatchee trips, also rents bicycles at very reasonable rates — another reason it’s a good outing with kids.

Turkeys cross the trail at Riverbend Park, Jupiter
Turkeys cross the trail at Riverbend Park, Jupiter. (Photo: David Blasco)

Additional bike trail option at Riverbend Park, Jupiter.

The Bluegill Trail starts at Riverbend Park and will eventually be nine miles long and reach Grassy Waters Preserve in West Palm Beach. So far, 5.4 miles have been completed, extending to Sandhill Crane Access Point in Palm Beach Gardens. The trail follows the C-18 canal through the Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area.

Peacock at Riverbend Park, Jupiter
A peacock joined our picnic in Riverbend Park, Jupiter. (Photo: David Blasco)

Visiting Riverbend Park, Jupiter

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